STORE HOURS: SUN - THURS 9 -7 PM FRI & SAT 9 - 8 PM check in on FACEBOOK when you visit us!
STORE HOURS: SUN - THURS 9 -7 PM FRI & SAT 9 - 8 PM check in on FACEBOOK when you visit us!
Candy and Chocoloate Birthday Parties

Birthdays Parties & Group Events

A Candy Camp Party is so much fun! Join us at Colonial Candies for something out of the ordinary! “Candy Camp” is a fun party for birthdays, group events or just a group of friends.

What is a Candy Camp Party?

At Candy Camp you will get to do the following:

Take a tour of our Candy Melting and Molding Facility located in the basement of The Candy Mansion.
You will get to dip three candy treats which includes a rice crispy square, pretzel rod and marshmallow. We then wrap it up into a cellophane bag for you to take home and enjoy later!

  • Add on: Our delicious Sundae Bar
  • Add on: Let our guests pick out a bag of candy as your party favor treat

Our party room is suitable for approximately 15 – 18 people.

We allow up to 1.5 hours for Candy Camp Parties.

Cost: Basic Candy Camp Party is $10 per person, Add on Sundae Bar $11.00, Add on Candy Bag of your price choice (this is not included).

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Candy Camp Testimonials

“I had a Candy Camp birthday for my six-year old daughter and 12 of her friends and siblings.
Before we started things off we brought some music and had a little dance party! We then had an interesting tour of the chocolate making facility in the basement which the kids loved. Next we came back upstairs to dip pretel rods, marshmallow squares and marshmallows into chocolate. The kids LOVED this. Next we had the Sundae Bar. As a special treat, I allowed the kids to each pick out $2 of candy and put it in a special treat bag. Yes, they were sugared up, but they loved it and it was a perfect party. The party space was roomy and clean and they allowed us to bring our own decorations. I also brought in a face painter who painted the kids faces. If your kids like candy and you are creative and bring a bit of entertainment with you, then this is a great party space. I would highly recommend Colonial Candies for kids 5 and up.”

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